Cyclones News · FCA Devotion

Sorry for posting this late.  I lost track of the days.  I thought we needed this song to hopefully help us realize that we have assurance every day. God is still in control if we let Him.  There is so much chaos in the world that poses as distractions.  Worldly things distract us from focusing and praising God for what we have and will have after our life on earth.  We have so much negativity fed to us through the news and social media that we don’t know who or what  to believe.  The world wants to us to feel defeated every day. In times like this, we need to focus on the positive things  in our lives such as our relationships with families and friends and most importantly our relationship with God.  With God, we are all victorious in all situations!

I hope you enjoy this song and it encourages you to have “Blessed Assurance” in every day!

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