Cyclones News · Thursday’s FCA Devotion

When I was younger, I had 3 heroes.  In football, it was O.J. Simpson. In baseball, It was Pete Rose. In basketball, it was Dr. Julius Erving (Dr. J). I tried to imitate all 3 when playing sports.  I wanted to wear their number.  I set all of them on a pedestal, who could do no wrong.  They were the greatest and no one could change my mind.  They were my heroes!

My heroes, who I put on a pedestal and were perfect in my eyes, let me down.  It hurt me to see and hear things they did, which were not hero-like things.  The men I wanted to be like wasn’t perfect.  They made mistakes and bad choices.

Today, we put people on pedestals and want to imitate men and women in sports, politics, music, dance, the medical field, law enforcement, education and the list goes on.  When we make our hero perfect, we are putting our focus on being like them and on worldly fame and will be let down or hurt.

Jesus should be our hero.  We should want to be like Him. He is a perfect example of what we should strive to be. He will not hurt us or let us down.  Yes, He is did not score TDs, float through the air to dunk a basketball or have 4,256 hits.  He wasn’t fashionably dressed.  He didn’t wear tons of jewelry or flash wads of cash.  He didn’t drive a sports car.

Jesus came here to teach, to care for people, to love, and to save the world.  He was a servant.  He was perfect, the only one to walk the earth.  However, He was put on a pedestal, which was the cross.  He died and defeated death for our salvation.

Don’t get me wrong, we all admire people who are great at what they do.  We lose our focus when we make these people more than who they are.  Jesus should be our focus and our Hero.  He will not let us down or hurt us.