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It is IMPORTANT you to read all information!  All CCSD Return to Play Guidelines will be followed as physicals are conducted.  The physical packet & Assumption of Risk Waiver needs to completed with required signatures/initials prior to arriving at the school.  Athletes, coaches, & medical staff are required to wear a face mask at all times. Put face mask on when exiting your car and wear it during the physical process.  Social distancing will be enforced at all times.

When you arrive at the school with , exit your car with face mask on.  Report to the screening area, your temperature will be checked and several questions will be asked.  We will also take up your Assumption of Risk Waiver at this time. If anyone has any symptoms, they will be asked to leave the premises immediately and will strongly suggest you get tested for COVID-19.  We ask not to carpool to and from the school.  Parents or other family members will NOT be allowed into the school.  Please wait in your car for your child.  If the physical packet and/or Assumption of Risk Waiver is not completed with required signatures/initials at the screening, you will not get a physical.  You will need to contact your local physician and setup an appointment with them at your expense.  We will NOT have extra copies of the physical packet or Assumption of Risk Waiver at the screening area.

After screening, you proceed from station to station with the physical examination being the final station.  The doctor will keep your physical  packet.  Return to your car and leave the premises.  No gathering in the parking lot at any time.

WE WILL ONLY CONDUCT PHYSICALS FOR FALL SPORT PARTICIPANTS AT THIS TIME!  We will offer winter & spring sport participants physicals at a different date. If you wish to participate on a CMS or CHS Fall Sports team, please contact the Head coach immediately!

Here are the dates, times, location & sport for Fall Sports physicals:

Wednesday, June 17th at 7:30 AM @ Lewisville High-Chester High Football

Wednesday, June 24th at 7:30 AM @ Lewisville High-Chester Middle Football

Friday, June 26th at 1:00 PM @ Chester High-CMS & CHS Cheer, JV & Varsity Volleyball, Girls Tennis & Girls & Boys Cross Country

Here are the Physical packet & Assumption of Risk Waiver.  You can download and print. I will post on the Chester Athletic Facebook page to let when you can pickup packet and waiver from CHS Athletic office.

Physical Packet

CCSD Assumption of Risk Athlectics Waiver (COVID-19)