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Cyclones News · Varsity Football Game Info

Cyclone Nation, here are some reminders about our home varsity games:

Admission is $6/person.  Children under 5 is free.  Children of all ages must be accompanied by a parent during the game. It is the parent’s responsibility to watch your child at all times.

VIP Parking will open at 6 pm.  You must have a VIP Parking passes to park in VIP.  An officer will check VIP Parking passes at the entrance.

VIP Seating-You must have VIP seating to sit in the VIP section. JROTC will check and help with seating.

No food or beverages are allowed into the stadium.

To re-enter stadium, you must re-pay admission.

Senior Citizen passes will be honored, except for playoffs.  *Dr. Bain’s signature should be on the Senior Citizen pass now. If it is not, you need to get a new pass.

SCHSL passes will be honored.  Person with these passes are ask to enter at the pass gate located beside the home concession stand. I.D will be required.

Chester County School District Employees-Must have a school picture I.D. or a CCSD check stub with picture I.D. to be honored. Only the CCSD employee is to get in free.

During the game, fans are asked to sit in the bleachers.  No loitering in front of concession and restroom area.  Non-compliance will result in security escorting you from stadium.

Fans should not approach the sidelines or field during the contest.  Talking to players during the game is unacceptable.

No trash talking, profanity, and other unsportsmanlike conduct will be tolerated!  Cheer for the Cyclones. The student-athletes and coaching staff works long hours and need your support the entire game.